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Solving the Capacity Crisis in Your Firm

Firms of all sizes are facing serious capacity challenges as the demand for your services continues to go UP while the supply of available talent continues to go DOWN. One solution has been to let clients go, but this creates more pressure on the system as these newly-orphaned clients seek firms to help them. And how long can you continue to trim your client roster before that strategy becomes unsustainable?


Outsource, Automate or BOTH? Proven Strategies for Every Type of Firm

Whether you are a tax firm, accounting and advisory firm, auditor, or all of the above, every firm leader struggles with the same challenges - building a firm that serves your valued clients’ needs in ways that keep them coming back, AND giving yourself and your staff the good quality of life that we all deserve.


Top Time-Saving Hacks for Accounting Professionals

Accounting Professionals often describe their days as being hectic and crazy, and there are just not enough hours in the day! If you are nodding at this, you are not alone. We’ve assembled some of the top minds in the industry to share their time-saving hacks and to share how they manage their days. From choosing the right tech, to looking at things that can and should be automated, to client management and communications, this group will share key things they’ve done to create order and efficiency in their practices and in their personal lives as well!

  • Learn key tips for getting clients to respond quickly (without driving you crazy).
  • Understand how to create boundaries so that your job doesn’t take over your life
  • Choose and leverage tech that makes all the difference - integrations, short cuts and more!


QBO, Xero or BOTH? What every firm leader needs to know

We’ve asked industry experts Hector Garcia, CPA, and Amanda Aguillard, CPA, to explain why they each recommend the software they do, in what is sure to be an exciting discussion.


2023 Predictions: Accounting Tech, Trends, and Transformations

Join Dawn Brolin, Nicole Butler-Davis, David Leary, Jason Staats, and Andrew Wall as they look ahead into 2023 and predict what trends, technology and transformations you should consider capitalizing on.

  • Automation
  • Tech Stacks
  • Outsourcing
  • and more!